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"We have prepared a democratic Constitution. But successful working of democratic institutions requires in those who have to work them."

- Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

With the said backdrop I would like to reiterate the critical role our students as the next generation lawyers has to play. They will be responsible and responsive to the changes around by building upon whatever resources we have in the society – organizing, prioritizing, repairing – and putting the same to optimum use for furthering the Wheel of Justice. Since early signs of an organized society lawyers have had a threefold task, one of an arbiter, other of an advocate and another of a propounder.

With a wonderfully committed faculty I would like to think there is something for everyone. What has impressed me most though, is the maturity that our students demonstrate and the consistent theme of acceptance that is evident among our student body. We recognize that our college community is a microcosm of “the real world” and we understand that we must respect each other and learn to live together in peace and harmony. Our mission is to educate each and every student to better prepare him or her for the world beyond Law College Dhanbad and I feel that our students are well prepared.
I wish them all the success in life ahead.
-Dr. Himanshu Shekhar Choudhary



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