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Law College Dhanbad has a three storied impressive edifice and its conspicuous presence is the cynosure of people of the locality. The College building comprises sufficient number of spacious lecture halls, library cum reading hall, moot court hall, common rooms for students as well as teachers, different cabins for office bearers besides having sufficient number of lavatories.

Moot Court

The moot court room has been so made as to look like a real court.Mooting excercise are regular affair here.


A library is believed to be the nucleus of an academic institution for it plays a far-reaching role in almost all academic activities. It is probably the most frequently visited section of the College, and most certainly the haven for the dedicated law students and faculty members. The students can avail of library facilities from 10.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. This timing is extended during the month preceding examinations. The spacious library cum reading room with adequate furniture caters to more than 750 borrowers who have an open access to book and journals.

The library has been spread on 1500 sq. ft. which gives ample volume for storage of books and for reading purposes. The library has been so designed keeping in view the aims and objectives of this college. It does have a collection of over 5500 text books and reference books of law and is being managed by a team of proficient library staff. The College is strongly committed to add good number of books to its existing collections every year. The library has also got a separate collection of books/journals/Law report donated by its alumni or philanthropists.

For easy and prompt access, all the books are catalogued manually as well as on the computer. Some of the Journals and Reports to which the library subscribes include Indian Bar Review, All India Reporter, Supreme Court Cases, Jharkhand Cases Reporter, Jharkhand Law Journal Reports, National and Local Dailies. Apart from these, the library houses Encyclopaedia of Central Acts and Rules, All India Service Law Journal, Nyaya Deep (Official Journal of NALSA), Chhotanagpur Law Journal, Bihar Bar Council Journal, Annual Reports of NHRC, New Delhi.



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