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Prohibition to Register in Other Courses

           The candidates admitted to the course, shall not be allowed to pursue any other course except certificate course in any Indian or foreign language or computer application being conducted by this university on part time basis in the evening or through distance learning with prior permission of the Principal otherwise his candidature for LL.B. 3-year (Honours) Course will be cancelled forthwith.

Extract of university regulations relating to promotions in subsequent semesters

(i) Students who have pursued a regular course of studies for any of the semesters and have appeared at the relevant examinations shall be eligible to be promoted to the next higher semester subject to university regulations.

A student of the First, Third and Fifth semesters will be promoted to Second, Fourth and Sixth semesters respectively irrespective of the number of courses in which he /she has failed to pass or failed to appear in the First, Third and Fifth semesters examinations as the case may be.

(ii) A student shall not be admitted to the Third Semester unless he/she has passed in at least Six compulsory papers of First and Second semesters taken together.

Provided further that no such student shall be admitted to Fifth Semester unless he /she has passed in at least Six  papers of Third and Fourth semesters taken together.

Provided further that a student who fails to secure minimum pass marks in any paper / papers of First, Second, Third and Fourth semesters shall be required to appear in the examinations of the concerned back paper/papers of the concerned examination, as the case may be.   



Every student has to secure a minimum of 75% attendance in each course.

Provided that where a student falls short of 75% attendance but secures more than 70% in a particular course, he/she will be allowed to take the exam in the course provided; he/she has secured more than 75% average attendance in all other courses excluding the course(s) in which he secured less than 70% attendance. There are no marks for attendance in such cases.

No such student of the First semester, who has failed to secure 25% of attendance in that semester, shall be allowed to pursue the LL.B.(Hons.) course of study;

However, a student detained due to shortage of attendance in any semester may be allowed to pursue the course of study of that semester within five years from the academic session of his admission in the Law Faculty for the first session or as prescribed by the University from time to time.

Grace Rules

A student who fails in final semester in any single paper / subject may be given grace marks in that course not exceeding 5 marks. Grace Mark will not be awarded for making up shortfall in minimum SGPA/CGPA or improving the grade.


Ranking to the Candidates

Ranking shall be given to only those candidates who pass all the courses of the programme in one attempt.

Notwithstanding any provision in the ordinances to the contrary, the following category of examinee is also eligible for ranking.

Any student, having been duly admitted to a regular examination of the course, was unable to take that examination in full or in part due to some cogent reasons, and took the next following examination of that course and passed the course.

The marks obtained by such student at the examination shall be considered as the basis for the University Ranking, Scholarships and other distinctions.

In order to get the benefit of this provision, such student should claim that he/she is eligible for this benefit and get a decision in writing after proving eligibility.

Break in the Course

Any student taking admission to LL.B. (Hons.) degree programme of the Faculty shall not be allowed to pursue any other full time programme/course in the Faculty or elsewhere in the entire period of the programme meaning thereby that if a student leaves the programme after passing some of the semesters/courses and takes up a full-time programme/course elsewhere, then he/she shall not be allowed to continue the programme further in the Faculty.


Students of third semester onwards are eligible to pursue internship in local Bar for a period not exceeding two weeks at a time in any semester. No student shall be allowed to pursue internship during the continuance of academic session. As per BCI Regulation BCI:D:1478/2014(LE) internship can be taken only during vacation in College or universities.

  1. A ‘Regular Student’ is one who has pursued a regular course of study and obtained prescribed attendance mentioned in the ordinances and is eligible to appear in the examination.

  2. ‘Ex-student’ means one who has studied in the Faculty for at least one semester preceding the date of the examination and has filled up the examination form but failed or has failed to appear in the examination, though otherwise eligible.



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