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           Studying at the LCD facilitates all round development of the personality of the students. Value based education is given more importance.  The teaching methods adopted for the degree program are such as to promote multi-disciplinary inquiry and practical appreciation of problems. The method of teaching involves lectures, discussions, case studies and moot courts. Many innovative methods are followed by the LCD to attain the standard.
            The College is presently imparting 3 years LL.B. Course and on further expansion the College intends to take up other Law Courses with due permission from the authority concerned.
           There is a high degree of interaction between the students and the teachers in the classroom and this necessitate that students should come prepared for the classes and actively participate in classroom discussions.
            Maximum number of working days possible under Vinoba Bhave University's calendar of events are adopted and devoted for the course. Students have to attend 75 percent of the lectures on each of the subjects in each term. Sufficient time is provided for extracurricular and curricular activities. The courses of Clinical Legal Education (Practical Training) are taught by integrating classroom teaching with simulation exercises. College takes pride in possessing a good, well furnished and well equipped moot court hall which is put to maximum use. Each and every student shall take part in the moot court. Students are trained to become full fledged advocates at the end of the course for which the help of experts in the field is used. Students are encouraged to research on specific topics and present the same in seminars. Efforts are being made to expose students to the field and court realities. Students are sent to various courts and law offices to observe the proceedings. They also visit prisons, juvenile homes and remand homes to study and to conduct survey and field investigations. These help in improving research skills, analytical abilities as well as the communication skills of the students.
            Students are encouraged to go to the field and interact with the common man, through various programmes. LCD and its alumni are sensitive to their social responsibility also. Various programmes are designed to spread legal awareness among the public. Free legal consultation and aid are actively undertaken in cooperation and in coordination with State Agencies. This is particularly useful for the multi-disciplinary analysis of socio-legal problems.
           Graduates from LCD follow a variety of career paths. A number of them choose to go into active 'practice' i.e. litigation at the courts. The LCD alumni may be found at the Supreme Court and High Courts in the country either in independent practice or working under India's top lawyers. Others choose to go into Law Firms. Some of the alumni have made their way in to the judiciary also. Some students choose to go into companies as Legal Advisors. A number of graduating students decide to pursue higher studies.



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