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Library will remain open from 9:30 A.M. to 5.30 P.M. on all working days.

           Each student will be allowed to borrow two text books at a time during his/her session for fifteen days from the date of issue. In case of non-refund of the issued text books he/she would be charged a fine of Rs. 2/- (Rupees two only) per day from 16th day upto 25th day from the date of issue of text books.
            However, even if the student fails to return the issued text books on 25th day from the date of issues of text books, he/she would be charged an additional fine of Rs. 50/- per day consecutively.
            It shall be noticed that prolong overdue and repetitive occurrences will invite suspension of library privileges and suitable actions shall be taken against such students.

           A caution money of Rs. 500/- (Five Hundred rupees only) would be charged from each student which would be refunded to them within three years from the date of publication of final year result or at the time of leaving the college whichever is earlier. Under no circumstances the caution money would be refunded if the student fails to claim the same within the stipulated time.

            Any library books lost by the borrowers be replaced by them by latest editions failing which the current price of the books not returned or double the original price whichever is higher is to be paid by the borrower concerned.
            All the students should abide by the Library rules of the college and in case of non-observance of same the library privileges from such students shall necessarily be withdrawn.

The authority may drop or modify any of the rules as and when necessary.



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